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Comparing Nespresso Coffee Capsules and a Discount Code [Review]

Comparing Nespresso Coffee Capsules and a Discount Code [Review]

For those who don’t know I LOVE coffee and have done since the very start of my working life  (5:00 am breakfast shifts at a city centre hotel, require coffee to remain sane).

I just want to create stuff, drink coffee and sleep

I average around 6 cups per day, and this can include any type from instant, ground coffee, freshly ground coffee beans and store bought to my own coffee machine. I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out some new Nespresso capsules for my home machine courtesy of the guys at Big Cup Little Cup (BCLC).

My coffee kit

For those of you not familiar BCLC, they produce pods similar to the Nespresso pods, but up to 30% cheaper. The main difference between the pods (besides the price) is that the BCLC capsules are made from recyclable material, but how do the pods measure up against the Nespresso capsules? I had a little test using my Nespresso machine at home.


Capsule Comparison

Nespresso capsules come in a long thin box with loose pods inside.
Big Cup Little Cup capsules come in a square box, each individually foil wrapped.

Nespresso capsules are made from aluminium and opaque (above image,right).
Big Cup Little Cup are made from plastic, recyclable, see through material (above image, left).


The aluminium casing of the Nespresso capsules keeps the coffee super fresh.
Big Cup Little Cup’s plastic capsules have holes in to allow for water to flow nicely through to prevent this causing issues with the freshness of the coffee each capsule is wrapped inside foil. (You can just about make out the foil case behind the capsules in the above image.)

Do they work?

The capsules do work – sounds an obvious thing but whenever you’re trying something that’s ‘compatible’ it’s always a concern particularly if you’re as fond of your coffee machine as I am!


In all honesty, the capsules are great. what’s particularly good here is the guide and presumably hence the name about whether each flavour is at its best as a big cup or little cup (espresso):

Guide to flavour and coffee size

Who wins?

If I had to choose only one, then I’d probably go for Nespresso. Purely because I’m hooked on their black Ristretto capsule. However, Highwire comes close and I’ll be buying from Big Cup Little Cup again at some stage. You can too as they’ve given me this great code which is available to use online:


This gives you 15% off your order and is valid until for 14th December.

Top image originally pinned on Pinterest via Mr Cup.

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