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Swing and a miss – 4 seasons of marketing mistakes

BMW – Winter
The weathermen amongst us may or may not be familiar with the branded snowstorm which recently caught fire and burst BMW into PR flames. I am of course referring to last month’s story about BMW who sponsored a cold front so that it would be named after their latest model of Mini Cooper in Germany. Unfortunately for BMW, the stunt back fired when the cold front was responsible for a number of deaths …

3 creative advertisements of 2011

There’s a great post on Pokkisam.com rouding up the year’s most creative adverts, there were some really funny ads and really creative uses of imagery. Here’s my top three:

Brilliant advert for band-aid, with one of my favourite characters Hulk.


Simple and amusing – “wi-fries” from McDonalds (see what I did there?)

Cool update of a …

The Trend of Precocious Boys in Viral Social Ads

This week has seen Google release an ad to promote the new Galaxy Nexus which uses Android Ice Cream Sandwich as its operating system. The ad features a precocious young boy trying to unlock the phone. The ad is quite cute and it seems to follow a recent trend in adverts with no dialogue, dramatic music and precocious children.

Step forward the Volkswagen Super bowl ad in which a young lad is practising his Star Wars power:

[youtube …

Bacardi Confusion

Without doubt quite a few of you will have seen the latest campaign from Bacardi. The ad encourages consumers to make a status update in person.

Photo from Marketingmasterinsights.com

The version of the ad can also be seen at the cinema, and focuses on consumers avoiding LOL and OMG, by going back …

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