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Song of the day: Berlin

Berlin is a track by Australian singer songwriter Ry Cuming also known as RY X. The song is featured in the Sony 4K television advert.

  • Posted: May 18, 2014
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Green Scotland by Wickboldt

Green marketing and its effect on consumer and corporation behaviour in Scottish tourism

For those of you who don’t know, I studied Business and Marketing in Edinburgh at Napier University. As part of my course I completed a dissertation covering the key themes of green marketing, corporate social responsibility, consumer behaviour and tourism in Scotland.

Why am I posting this? Well for a few reasons, I love the debate that this dissertation causes me to have in my own head. It has two …

  • Posted: November 15, 2013
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Song of the Day: Save You

Today’s song of the day is Save You by Matthew Perryman Jones, taken from his album Swallow The Sea.

You can keep track of my Song of the Day playlist on Spotify or check out Matthew Perryman Jones on his site.

Here’s the playlist so far (it’s early days) ūüôā

Briefcase Silhouette

What to Include in a Marketing Brief

Ok so firstly let me say its been too long since I last posted. However new year, new office and with new business.¬† With that a slightly worrying trend has emerged: the lack of a well briefed in campaign and project. The lost art of the marketing brief some might say. With this in mind I’ve looked to scour the web and some documents I’ve seen to try and pick …

  • Posted: June 10, 2013
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Pot Noodle Deodorant

Best April Fools Day Pranks from Brands 2013

What could be better than a bank holiday? That’s right a bank holiday that coincides with many marketers dream day – April Fools. Big brands let down their guidelines and give the creatives among us the chance to think freely. Here’s my roundup of the top April Fools pranks I’ve seen today.
Flying first out of the tree it’s those chirps from Twitter. They rolled out a streamlined service that doesn’t …

  • Posted: April 1, 2013
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Top Marketing Blogs -by MSVG via creative commons

Top marketing blogs to read in 2013


Toprank is masterminded by Lee Odden. I first encountered Lee at Ion Search in Leeds back in April 2012. His talk “Optimise & Socialise For More Customers” was first class and the way he connected search and content …

7 useful LinkedIn data visualisations from 2012

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networks out there as at the 21st December LinkedIn¬†estimate¬†that they have around 187 million members. It’s been a busy year for the professional community based company, including launching new profile pages and a new homepage.

2012 has seen a good deal of growth for LinkedIn and has seen an 87% increase in users over the last 20 months. Here I take a look at …

10 Ways To Convert More Customers Using Psychology

I found this great infographic by Help Scout over on the Social Mouths blog. Psychology is a topic that I find especially interesting particularly as a marketer looking into why consumers behave the way they do! It always amazes me how simple tips such as setting a minimum donation can create such an impact.

Check out the 10 ways to convert more customers using psychology below:…

Marketing books that got me through my dissertation

Bearing in mind that a lot of my friends have been talking recently about¬†their¬†dissertation, I though I’d run through in a bit more detail some of the marketing books that I found most useful when I was writing the dreaded (I actually enjoyed it) big ‘D’.
Principles Of Marketing
Now on its 4th edition (although my copy is the 3rd edition), …

12 Epic Facebook Brand Timeline Cover Photos

The 30th of March sees all existing brand pages on Facebook updated to the new timeline format. Profiles were updated back in February.

What does this mean for page owners? Well, first and foremost it means a new¬†exciting¬†way to¬†display¬†your brand and also the history of your brand. Secondly, we will likely witness the end of the “like gateway”. With timeline, visitors will see what …

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