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Why Google’s company philosophy is the only SEO strategy you need. Still.

What is Google’s company philosophy?
10 things that Google wrote way back in the early years when the company was founded. For those unaware Google comes from the maths terms googol:

Focus on the user and all else will follow.
It’s something we hear time and time again from clients and prospects – phrases such as doing some SEO are a personal pain point …

  • Posted: December 6, 2015
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Optimising for your own name

Picture the scene…prospective employer Google’s your name and your nowhere to be found or worst still those pesky Facebook photos are distracting from your super duper professional looking side. More drunk than distinguished and more sunshine than starch collared.

Sound familiar? Here’s a few beginner tips to address the problem and also services out there that can help you optimise your name for that all important professional looking search result.
Why Search?
As …

Things to learn from TED about YouTube optimisation

TED is the latest creation from Family Guy mastermind Seth Macfarlane. But this isn’t a post about how funny he is, although he IS hilarious!

I’ve been interested in the film since I first saw the trailer and I’ve also been intrigued as to the marketing in the build up to the films release. Let’s take a look at the online marketing lessons we can learn from TED:
YouTube optimisation
TED epitomises the …

Tweets vs Rankings from Branded3

A new study from Branded3 has found that the volume of tweets you receive does impact on where you rank in Google. The data is fresh too -collected this month, using another one of the Branded3 sites Twitition, which offers Twitter users a platform to petition through.

The study has already been …

SEO is Marketing isn’t it?

The search engine optimisation (SEO) industry has been growing for some time now. I myself have been an avid marketer for around 6 years and have been involved in SEO for the last 12 months. A constantly recurring theme throughout the last year has been that SEO is an industry all of its own.

Last week saw Search Engine Land announce that they would be launching …

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