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Song of the day: I Can’t Win

Today’s song of the day is ‘I Can’t Win’ by Canadian band Default track 2 on their 3rd album ‘One Thing Remains’. Enjoy!

Check out the band online at www.defaultonline.com.

Song of the Day: For You Only

Trading Yesterday’s song ‘For You Only’ is the latest song to be added to my song of the day playlist. The track and band were created by David Hodges who was part of Evanescence during their 2002 release The Fallen. There is only 1 album out by Trading Yesterday and they now go by the name The Age of Information.

You can …

Song of the day: Losing Ground

Newton Faulkner’s track Losing Ground is my song of the day today. It’s taken from his latest album Studio Zoo which he live streamed whilst recording.

You can find out more about Studio Zoo here and follow my song of the day playlist on Spotify.




Song of the Day: Save You

Today’s song of the day is Save You by Matthew Perryman Jones, taken from his album Swallow The Sea.

You can keep track of my Song of the Day playlist on Spotify or check out Matthew Perryman Jones on his site.

Here’s the playlist so far (it’s early days) 🙂

Song of the Day: Put Your Hands Up

Today’s song of the day is Put Your Hands Up by Matchbox Twenty, taken from their studio album North.

Find out more about Matchbox Twenty and check out my song of the day playlist.


Song of the Day: Halfway Gone

Today’s song of the day is Halfway Gone by Lifehouse, taken from their 5th studio album Smoke and Mirrors.

You can find out more about Lifehouse at www.lifehousemusic.com and can follow my song of the day playlist on Spotify.


Song of The Day: Slumber

Right, I’ve been saying for a while that I’m going to start a song of the day playlist. So I have, it’s called Mike’s Song of the day and here it is:


Today’s song is by a band called NEEDTOBREATHE, who I discovered last year, despite them being around for a while and having four albums out; Daylight, The Outsiders, The …


Optimising for your own name

Picture the scene…prospective employer Google’s your name and your nowhere to be found or worst still those pesky Facebook photos are distracting from your super duper professional looking side. More drunk than distinguished and more sunshine than starch collared.

Sound familiar? Here’s a few beginner tips to address the problem and also services out there that can help you optimise your name for that all important professional looking search result.
Why Search?
As …

Briefcase Silhouette

What to Include in a Marketing Brief

Ok so firstly let me say its been too long since I last posted. However new year, new office and with new business.  With that a slightly worrying trend has emerged: the lack of a well briefed in campaign and project. The lost art of the marketing brief some might say. With this in mind I’ve looked to scour the web and some documents I’ve seen to try and pick …

  • Posted: June 10, 2013
  • Tags: Marketing
  • Comments: 2
Pot Noodle Deodorant

Best April Fools Day Pranks from Brands 2013

What could be better than a bank holiday? That’s right a bank holiday that coincides with many marketers dream day – April Fools. Big brands let down their guidelines and give the creatives among us the chance to think freely. Here’s my roundup of the top April Fools pranks I’ve seen today.
Flying first out of the tree it’s those chirps from Twitter. They rolled out a streamlined service that doesn’t …

  • Posted: April 1, 2013
  • Tags: Marketing
  • Comments: 1

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