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3 Cool Everyday Packaging Designs

Spending copious amounts of time of the internet, you come across some cool things and some awful things. I’m a huge fan of creative designs (as you’re probably aware from all the infographics I publish) – even if they’re not relevant to me. Here are a few awesome packaging designs I’ve found:

Twinfish display this one proudly on their site, a …

How to use Linkedin [infographic]

I couldn’t agree more with Business Insider, Linkedin is certainly the ‘darkhorse’ of all the social media sites that I use. I tend to use Linkedin but without really ever engagaing in it. From the looks of this infographic from expert Lewis Howes I’ve a little way to go yet before I’ve completed ‘boot camp’.

Minimalist Music Posters

Love this collection of minimalist music genre posters I found on Jlaven.com. My favourite has to be FOLK.

*It looks like Jlaven.com has been taken down but check ot the posters at Visualnews.com.


Movember – ‘Tis the Season to Mo! [Infographic]

There is a cool/ strange trend for November this month, loads of males (and perhaps some females) have been attempting to groom the most epic of epic moustaches. Affectionately known as Movember, the Mo’s aim is to raise awareness of men’s health in particular prostate cancer. Donations can be made at www.movember.com and there are a number of companies blogging about their progress (or as the case may be lack …

SEO is Marketing isn’t it?

The search engine optimisation (SEO) industry has been growing for some time now. I myself have been an avid marketer for around 6 years and have been involved in SEO for the last 12 months. A constantly recurring theme throughout the last year has been that SEO is an industry all of its own.

Last week saw Search Engine Land announce that they would be launching …

Beware of Google Image Search for Competitions

For those of you using search engines on a daily basis you will be familiar with Google Image Search. Paste in your image URL or upload a picture and Google find visually similar images for you. A great tool particularly if you’re looking to measure coverage or ‘take up’ on any campaigns your brand may have run such as an infographic.

Whilst this tool is undoubtedly useful for marketers, it …

Stop Motion Video

As quite rightly pointed out by Brandflakes for Breakfast this video is stop motion awesomeness! It must have taken ages!

Hudson – Against The Grain from Dropbear on Vimeo.

Life Cycle of a Webpage [Infographic]

I stumbled upon this (drum roll, thank you) on Cool Infographics. Really interesting stats on here and definitely surprising from my point of view. Personally I’m not a big user of Stumble Upon – perhaps I should be….

Sell Your Songs Online

For many unsigned artists and bands making money from original compositions can be a challenge. If you’re gigging in bars and clubs many people want to hear mainstream or classic covers, rather than your own songs. It’s always about finding a balance between covers and originals, until …

Finding websites

Anyone who works online will undoubtedly have used google at some point. Not everyone is aware of the different features available from google so here’s a quick overview of features that I find most useful for finding appropriate sites to advertise on:

related:  – This …

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