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Online Tools – Making Banners, Flash Ad’s & Buttons

A great online tool for producing pretty much any type of online ad banner possible would definitely be worth a look for businesses with smaller budgets, who perhaps can only stretch to media spend and not creative.

Fear not such a tool does exist in the form of Banner Snack. Simply sign up, or if you’d prefer connect via Twitter, Google ID, Flickr etc and then you’re all set.

The functionality …

Getting Noticed Online

I recently posted about infographics- and those of you who have seen the About page may have noticed a rather basic infographic CV that I uploaded last week. The whole idea of an infographic and displaying data about ourselves is a topic that really interests me. …

Online Mind Maps

At any point of time it can be tough to come up with original ideas, whether that be at a creative, campaign or strategy level.  One of the methods recently implemented that has worked well for me is mind mapping.

During the process I found a great tool, worthy of a blog post. Bubbl.us is a really useful site allowing you to create mind maps online using a very simple Javascript format. …

Promoting your music

RickyW’s bespoke album

This week has seen the release of local Leeds band the Kaiser Chiefs, new album ‘The Future is Medieval’. There has been an unusual buzz about the record, not because of the tracks displayed, but how they are displayed. In a novel approach from singer Ricky Wilson and the advertising …

  • Posted: June 4, 2011
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Using Negative Space for a Logo

Recently I’ve been working on some logo’s for a consultancy firm who are re branding. Although not a designer myself, the concept and ultimately the creation of a logo for a brand is something that really interests me.

Traditionally a brand or branding involved ‘labelling’ your cattle with a stamp, and the term branding has …

  • Posted: May 31, 2011
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Top 3 Infographics

Having recently used infographics for a client I’m becoming increasingly interested in them and how they can visualise data and information. A great site for infographics dealing with social media and online marketing is Flowtown. Really useful for including in pitches/ interviews/ presentations.

Here are my top 3 marketing infographics from their site:

Bacardi Confusion

Without doubt quite a few of you will have seen the latest campaign from Bacardi. The ad encourages consumers to make a status update in person.

Photo from Marketingmasterinsights.com

The version of the ad can also be seen at the cinema, and focuses on consumers avoiding LOL and OMG, by going back …

Google Vs Bing – the infographic

This is a great infographic that I found on infogen. I found it relatively impartial….

Reporting Tools – Word Clouds

I’m sure you like I are looking for good ways or tools to liven up client reports and other work related documents. Having been a fairly avid user of wordle.net, I had a little look around for other tools that may be available.

Tagxedo.com is a great tool, almost a step up from wordle and has a few more options. For instance, you can enter a URL …

Trusting Social Media

Yesterday, I featured an article on social media. One of the points raised in the post was the issue of trust, and how reliable information found on social sites was. It is with this in mind that a connection with news can be found. The Drum, have today written about a poll asking participants to simply state …

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