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Facebook Depression [infographic]

Something which has been in the public eye for the ast couple of months is mental health. I saw the following infographic on Mashable on Friday which was created by Help For Depression. The infographic shows how we use the social network to share our feelings and the reaction that these statuses …

Why You Should have a Mobile Friendly Website [infographic]

We all know that mobile search is big and that having a mobile presence is vital, or at least you should know that! These stats from SKYRKT.com give an insight into why you need mobile friendly websites for your.

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3 Cool Everyday Packaging Designs

Spending copious amounts of time of the internet, you come across some cool things and some awful things. I’m a huge fan of creative designs (as you’re probably aware from all the infographics I publish) – even if they’re not relevant to me. Here are a few awesome packaging designs I’ve found:

Twinfish display this one proudly on their site, a …

Life Cycle of a Webpage [Infographic]

I stumbled upon this (drum roll, thank you) on Cool Infographics. Really interesting stats on here and definitely surprising from my point of view. Personally I’m not a big user of Stumble Upon – perhaps I should be….

Getting Noticed Online

I recently posted about infographics- and those of you who have seen the About page may have noticed a rather basic infographic CV that I uploaded last week. The whole idea of an infographic and displaying data about ourselves is a topic that really interests me. …

Top 3 Infographics

Having recently used infographics for a client I’m becoming increasingly interested in them and how they can visualise data and information. A great site for infographics dealing with social media and online marketing is Flowtown. Really useful for including in pitches/ interviews/ presentations.

Here are my top 3 marketing infographics from their site:

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