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7 useful LinkedIn data visualisations from 2012

7 useful LinkedIn data visualisations from 2012

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social networks out there as at the 21st December LinkedIn estimate that they have around 187 million members. It’s been a busy year for the professional community based company, including launching new profile pages and a new homepage.

2012 has seen a good deal of growth for LinkedIn and has seen an 87% increase in users over the last 20 months. Here I take a look at some of the most interesting content that has been published as the company marks 10 years since it’s initial ‘front room’ inception.

LinkedIn 2012 Product Yearbook

Who really uses LinkedIn? [infographic]

Who Uses LinkedIn - Mike Jeffs Online Marketing Blog

Post graduation uses for LinkedIn


20 reasons to spend less time on Facebook and more time on LinkedIn


Top overused buzz words on LinkedIn 2012

Global Overused LinkedIn Buzzwords-2012

How LinkedIn works

How LinkedIn Works [infographic]

Top LinkedIn company pages 2012

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