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Why is Marketing Interdependent

The 4 types of interdependency

Over the last year there have been lots of posts, presentations and decks suggesting that marketing needs to be holistic and that marketing material should take into account the multi-device universe that consumers now live in, equally in terms of SEO it needs to be aligned with other marketing messages. Here are a few that I’ve seen:


At Branded3 …

  • Posted: October 14, 2017
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Why Google’s company philosophy is the only SEO strategy you need. Still.

What is Google’s company philosophy?
10 things that Google wrote way back in the early years when the company was founded. For those unaware Google comes from the maths terms googol:

Focus on the user and all else will follow.
It’s something we hear time and time again from clients and prospects – phrases such as doing some SEO are a personal pain point …

  • Posted: December 6, 2015
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Briefcase Silhouette

What to Include in a Marketing Brief

Ok so firstly let me say its been too long since I last posted. However new year, new office and with new business.  With that a slightly worrying trend has emerged: the lack of a well briefed in campaign and project. The lost art of the marketing brief some might say. With this in mind I’ve looked to scour the web and some documents I’ve seen to try and pick …

  • Posted: June 10, 2013
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Why I'm using Slideshare - Mikejeffs.com, image by wlodi via Creative Commons

Why I’m using Slideshare and PowerPoint to my Advantage

Back in January I set myself the goal of using SlideShare more. Why you might ask?
This developed from my passion to optimise for your own name and use your social media profiles as a way to enhance your career rather than hide away from. In terms of SEO, Slideshare and other social networking sites have extremely strong, authoritative domains.

Having strong profiles on these domains is an easy way to make a ‘land grab’ for …

  • Posted: March 23, 2013
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Prohibition Typeface on Creative Market

11 Awesome Typography Resources For Beginners

I’m a massive slide deck fan but a complete beginner when it comes to typography and fonts. As part of designing great presentation slides I’ve come across a fair few places to download different typefaces and fonts though. My interest in typography began when we changed the logo at Branded3 and had the option to have the logo as a typeface or an image in client presentations. Since …

  • Posted: May 24, 2014
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Green Scotland by Wickboldt

Green marketing and its effect on consumer and corporation behaviour in Scottish tourism

For those of you who don’t know, I studied Business and Marketing in Edinburgh at Napier University. As part of my course I completed a dissertation covering the key themes of green marketing, corporate social responsibility, consumer behaviour and tourism in Scotland.

Why am I posting this? Well for a few reasons, I love the debate that this dissertation causes me to have in my own head. It has two …

  • Posted: November 15, 2013
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Optimising for your own name

Picture the scene…prospective employer Google’s your name and your nowhere to be found or worst still those pesky Facebook photos are distracting from your super duper professional looking side. More drunk than distinguished and more sunshine than starch collared.

Sound familiar? Here’s a few beginner tips to address the problem and also services out there that can help you optimise your name for that all important professional looking search result.
Why Search?
As …

  • Posted: June 11, 2013
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Pot Noodle Deodorant

Best April Fools Day Pranks from Brands 2013

What could be better than a bank holiday? That’s right a bank holiday that coincides with many marketers dream day – April Fools. Big brands let down their guidelines and give the creatives among us the chance to think freely. Here’s my roundup of the top April Fools pranks I’ve seen today.
Flying first out of the tree it’s those chirps from Twitter. They rolled out a streamlined service that doesn’t …

  • Posted: April 1, 2013
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A guide to the different varieties of beer

Ever wondered the difference between ales, beers, lagers, pale ales and barley wines? Drink in this graphic from popchartlab.

  • Posted: March 23, 2013
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Top Marketing Blogs -by MSVG via creative commons

Top marketing blogs to read in 2013


Toprank is masterminded by Lee Odden. I first encountered Lee at Ion Search in Leeds back in April 2012. His talk “Optimise & Socialise For More Customers” was first class and the way he connected search and content …

  • Posted: March 11, 2013
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